Trust through transparency

IT. Climate. Humans. Teaching, Helping and Research.

What we do:

What matters to us

Be a digital sovereign. Control your data as a basis of your digital security. Open sources and solutions bring trust. New business models have risen and proven to be trustworthy, safe and reliable through transparency.

Global and local communities

Our world is driven and inspired by communities. From private, local and communal, to regional, national and global scale.

Working the climate change

The next decades will be filled with the biggest challenge humanity has ever had to face. Have you seen #australiaburning? That’s what happens with +1° Celsius . We can only imagine the changes at plus 3 or 4 degrees. One thing is for sure: Trillions of Euro will have to be invested in compensation and resilience. We can help you to be prepared, and become CO2-negative today. For the conscience and for the next generations. This change is possible, and it can be so much fun working on it.