Trust through transparency

IT & Humans. Knowledge. Transparency.
Teaching, Structure, Helping and Research.
Leadership. Ethics. Missions.

What we do:

We’ll provide ideas and science: Think Tank, Analysis, Media and Studies

Fostered and sustainable: Documentation and Knowledge Management

Making people listen to each other: Moderation, Mediation and Presentation

Modern Mangement Patterns: Trust, The Human Factor and Leadership in IT

Open everywhere: Open Source, Open Data and Open GIS,

Be a digital sovereign: Cyber Security, Net Politics and Data Protection

Together: Community Management and OSS Business Models

Facing global change and the climate catastrophy. What can we do? Co2-Negativity

What matters to us

Be a digital sovereign. Control your data as a basis of your digital security. Open sources and solutions bring trust. New business models have risen and proven to be trustworthy, safe and reliable through transparency.

Global and local communities

Our world is driven and inspired by communities. From private, local and communal, to regional, national and global scale.