The task seemed simple, and it would only took a few evenings to accomplish – but many iterations have occured later, and we still consider it WIP. We wanted to convert an old Android smartphone – unused for quite a while, broken display, not really kaputt, but of no use anymore –  into a webcam, and we ended with an automated timelapse creator in a few bash scripts. In German, we refer to our little project as “Der Zeitraffer von Regensburg” – you try to translate that. 🙂

Some Android apps, a scheduled daily reboot (of the phone, of course), a webserver on the phone and some raspberry Pi and ImageMagick magick later we now have this working webcam that takes thousands of pictures every month – every five minutes during the day, every two minutes at night due to limitations of quality of the camera and the app’s autofocus settings – Did I mention it’s an old phone? Oh, and the raspi is not doing the job anymore, it moved to our little fileserver – which is also storage for the images. I will continue to document here what and how we’ve done it. Until then, here’s the July timelapse in low-res (Still ~ 130 MB, I guess).

Regensburg Office Webkam – low-res – Feilner-IT July 2020 (130MB)

Disclaimer: This has been and is an ongoing project, so beware – changes will occur. 🙂