#IMMI Making Iceland a save data haven for free press and speech: IMMI almost done

Well, even though this blogpost is from June 28, 2019, it mentions the strong possibility many items on their list might be finished by the end of the year. And it was written by dear friend Birgitta, Chairman of IMMI. Looking forward to meet again in beautiful Iceland. 

IMMI finally at the cusp of implementation

The goal of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative in 2010 was for Iceland to take leadership in adopting the best possible laws, at any time, in order to be ahead of the digital tidal wave of disinformation eroding trust towards democratic institutions and traditional media. To be the first digital safe heaven for all the forbidden facts, to act as an inspiration for others to follow suit. The demand for transparency and accountability was loud and clear in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2008. These circumstances made it possible to find multi-partisan political will to adopt the parliamentary resolution that called for massive legislative changes in four ministries. During the nine years since it’s passing, Iceland has undergone serious political crises with only one government being able to sit full term. Four governments and five Prime Ministers later, we finally have a deadline for IMMI to be fully ratified. In the first months after taking office as Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrin Jakobsdottir, announced she was committed to have all the laws finalized and put forward as governmental bills in Parliament before 2019 ends.