The Millenium was one week old…

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Feilner IT was founded on January 7, 2000, in Regensburg, by Markus Feilner. The senior Linux expert had been gathering Linux experience and had been doing services for e.g. Regensburg university since 1994.
Feilner-IT quickly grew to a sustainable company based on open source and journalism. Learn more about Markus in his profile (PDF: English and German).

Markus wrote books, helped customers and partners in politics, industry, education and public administration. On top of all that, for 10 years, he was deputy editor-in-chief of the german Linux-Magazin, Team Lead documentation at SUSE Linux (where he helped to build a documentation team to 16 members). Since 2019, Markus has been involved in knowledgement projects and more, and he has developed the concept of agile recursive documentation, onboarding and open source leadership.

News and Recent Highlights from 2024

Still in the first week of this year,, Germany’s second largest IT news website has published another article from Markus Feilner. This one is about Grit:lab, a school in the Finnish Aland archipelago. In the heart of the Baltic sea, young people learn how to code, free of charge and without teachers.

FOSDEM has accepted two of our talks – a panel on openwashing, opencore (see Golem article below) and Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) and Second: a market overview on open source alternatives for modern knowledge management to replace Atlassian Confluence. Oh, there’s two more of Markus’ talks not yet approved neither denied…

What a great start into this year: Golem, Germany’s second largest IT website has published another one of Markus Feilner’s articles. This time it’s an in-deep analysis of openwashing and opencore and how the case of Red Hat vs. Centos is affecting the open source world. Is it legit, legal, morally or ethically questionable? And does it support the true spirit of Open Source Software?