Here’s a list of some our most interesting projects in 2023. Or click the buttons for other years…

Feilner IT has been helping customers for 24 years. Click on one of the buttons above to see a selection of the amazing things that happened in the last years…

The recent Linux Magazines (11/23, 12/23 and 01/24 had lots of articles by Markus Feilner. He reported on Technology-Driven-Design, Zero Trust, Digital Identities, Articles sparked by Markus’ ideas include a special on open source authentification provider Authelia.

grommunio from Vienna says thank you for a great year, and Feilner IT is proud to be a part of the great journey. Recently, grommunio published the world’s first Open-Source implementation of Exchange Web Services! A review of the past year from yours truly is coming soon!

Feilner IT also wrote a review of the past year for the world’s market leader in terms of vulnerability management, Greenbone. And there are some fancy new numbers: Greenbone keeps growing, and so is its blog, with our help.

Feilner IT helped their customers with editing articles in Wikipedia [1] [2] [3] and creating documentation for free hosters like the Ubernauten servers. Try it, it’s done in less than 50 seconds (video).

At IT-SA, largest german IT security industry fair, many of our customers met. Auctores, ownCloud and Greenbone were present. Surely the largest announcement was ownCloud and the bavarian school cloud ByCS, bound to serve 5 Million concurrent users, today 1M, adding 100k users every week. Markus Feilner wrote several whitepapers for ownCloud.

An article that we wrote this summer for Feiner-IT customer HalloWelt made it into a double feature with many pages in German magazine IT-Administrator, at the same time as articles in Linux Magazine and Linux User.

After many years of free hosting of a Nextcloud server, Computerspende Regensburg is leaving, running their own servers. Thanks a lot, guys, always ready to help! We’ll stay connected!

For our customer Greenbone we did an update for the openVAS page of the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik).

On August 29, Germany’s second largest IT portal Golem published an analysis of the German governments’ IT politics by Markus Feilner based on an open letter by 21 organisiations, including the FSFE, the OSBA and D64.

On our Roadtrip through Scandinavia, Markus Feilner was invited to Grit:Lab, on the beautiful Åland islands between Sweden and Finnland. In this great institute embedded in Europe Union’s only autonomous republic, Open Source nerds learn how to code in Go, Rust and other languages – without teacher, without schedule, in 2 years. We’re working on an article…

Over the last months, Feilner IT worked with senior journalist Tim Schürmann and created this overview of Open Source Alternatives for Atlassian’s Confluence. HalloWelt, creator of Bluespice MediaWiki has published this reviews in English and German.

In a long article for Linux-Magazin Germany, Markus and friends from SUSE and ownCloud explain the challenges that enterprise documentation has to overcome today.

Our friends and partners from eGovernment Podcast, the most important podcast for anybody involved in public administration, invited Markus Feilner to their “Monatsschau Juni 2023“. We spoke about Gematik, De-Mail, AI, ChatGPT, digital currencies, Red Hat, Centos, SUSE and many other topics…

The Opensource Software OpenProject is providing professional project management for big customers like the city of Cologne or the university of Duisburg/Essen. In this article Markus Feilner shows how this synergy helps to save money and gives both customers more and better features. Only with Open Source!

For our customer Greenbone, market leader of open source vulnerability management products Feilner IT wrote several blogposts in 2023 and helped with consulting for many more.

From April to August 2023, Markus Feilner will enjoy the benefits of #vanlife, on a work and travel road trip from Denmark to Norway, Northkapp, Russian border, Finnland and Sweden.

As the result of two years of investigative research, Markus Feilner published an extensive article on Openwashing by Germany’s biggest Open Source project for the public administration, Dataport Phoenix. Many other media reported, the FSFE joined and politics read, commented and acted.

For Feilner IT customer grommunio Markus Feilner wrote a comment on personal experiences with open source. The LPI, namely the LPI’s Upgrade to Linux project published the comment, too.

Replace your Atlassian products. It’s about time to go legal, trustworthy, flexible and compliant with open source software: Feilner IT customer HalloWelt!, maker of Bluespice Enterprise Wiki teams up with EasySoftware, maker of EasyRedmine Knowledge Base 2.0 to provide the perfect OSS Confluence/Jira replacement. Here’s the news in a blogpost that Feilner IT wrote.

When doing some reserch on the topic of smart cities, we found these interesting guides: National Geographics has a scientific definition, Oracle has the technocrat’s view, a political one comes from the European Commission and they also wrote this piece on the OECD policy paper on Smart Cities and Inclusive Growth.

If you are fluent in English and German, you may want to compare the two wikipedias. The US / English appproach is significally different from the European / German smart city definition. Europe has more focus on inclusion and social matters, whereas the US focuses on technology.

Since December 2022, Feilner IT is proud to welcome Auctores among our customers. The market leader and manufacturer of Visavid – the video conferencing software used in all Bavarian schools – is happy to have Markus Feilner help with open source strategy consulting.

As a member of Binary Kitchen, Markus Feilner is helping in Regensburg’s Smart CityBeirat“. This committee of experts is intended to help Regensburg create an intelligent and environmentally efficient future for its citizens, focused on digitization, mobility, energy, sustainability und much more.

For the blog of Vienna groupware vendor grommunio, Markus Feilner wrote a review of all the things that happened in 2022 – an eventful year full of success, from many articles in the media to several major releases and partnerships with T-Systems and the LPI’s Upgrade to Linux initiative – a project that Feilner IT is supporting, too.

For vulnerability management expert Greenbone, Feilner IT wrote about the warning inside the recent ENISA study that declares the public sector most at risk: Hackers have advanced their skills and you should keep your security measures updated. Another article on the same blog shows how GDPR compliant Vulnerability Management” can help companies to protect themselves.

Together with Richard Heigl, (CEO of HalloWelt, the makers of BlueSpice Media Wiki), Markus Feilner wrote six articles on professional knowledge bases in enterprise environments. Learn how to structure a knowledge base, how they are constituted, how to harmonize content, build categories, set access permissions and why usability and user acceptance matter.

As one of the first supporters, Feilner IT is helping the upgradetolinux project. Together with partners like the Linux Professional Institut (LPI) and many others, this project is boosting Linux usage everywhere. The U2L project was started in the aftermath of the incompatibilities that Microsoft Windows 11 brings to the market.