Digital Sovereignty – Exit Strategy First!

Advice, explanations, facts and checks from the experts: Feilner IT can help you to become digitally sovereign. We can help you help yourself, create awareness for alternatives in your organisation and towards a fair treatment of your customers and guests. And we can help you create checklists, workflows and processes.

Become a digital sovereign.

We can explain and help you to help yourself. Training, coaching, studies, advice and help in spoken, written and virtual conversation.

Everything has consequences.

Our definition of digital sovereignty has always ben: Exit Strategy first – how do you get rid of what you’re about to buy, do or start? There is no genie in a bottle, no sacred healing potion.

But: You always have a choice.

We can show you open source software alternatives available that match your needs. And we can help you make it work.

Is your website digitally sovereign?

Your website may be legal, but are you treating your guests with respect and fairness? Feilner IT has created a checklist and is able to provide all the informations you need to treat your website’s guests with respect.

PR for Open Source Projects

Buy a journalist! 🙂

You’ve invented the best and most innovative open source project ever? Your company rocks, but people don’t now about it yet? We can help: Hire a seasoned journalist, let us test and write about your software. It won’t be nice words only, no. But it will be fair and helpful. Give it a try! We might even find a spot to publish it for you.

Hello World – Promote your project

You want to learn how to promote your FLOSS project? Welcome, we can help you help yourself.
Feilner IT has helped open source developers all over the world, from Tampere and Tallinn to Dar es Salam, from Bellingham to Thessaloniki in workshops, trainings, coachings and more. And if you are an NGO, we will always find a way to help.

To write is human, to edit is divine.

… said Stephen King. Trouble with writing? We can help. Both English and German are our native languages, and we come with decades of experience working with them in professional and creative environments. Storytelling, structuring, planning, mythbusting – we can help authors write great text and stories that are fun to read.

Agile Recursive Documentation

Optimize and organize your know-how and documentation processes

Separating grains of information from the chaff can be tedious. Many companies have run into decades of information silos which make efficient work impossible and keep employees demotivated. Feilner IT’s concept of Agile recursive documentation offers immediate results at low cost. We can help you create helpful documentation from the start, even the new employees, thus increase motivation and inspiration without interrupting your daily tasks.

Coaching and Leadership Training

What is your inspiration, how do you reach your “flow”? How does your team? Do you know?

More than 20 years of experience in leading, building, motivating and inspiring people in and from global teams. Yes, the open source world and the creative branch have their own rules. But if there’s one thing they have in common? Carrot and stick won’t help anymore, and even money is a bad advisor. Contact us and let us explain what works, what inspires us and what really drives innovation and team spirit.