This is a list of documents that you might need when working with us. EULA(AGB) and our standard contracts will follow soon, until then: Feel free to ask for individual versions.

Anfrage zur Texterstellung – Article/Study Request (German)

A short form/survey for media or companies that are considering giving us an order for research or writing in any form. Here is the PDF, and the ODF is here. This might be helpful for you if you want to order studies, analysis, articles or text in any of the varieties we can offer.

Hours’ List – Stundenzettel

A form for hourly accounting/billing for our contributors. Also available as PDF or ODF.

Software used, licenses chosen, tools at work and the law.

Please mind: We are exclusively using software, licenses and tools that are in compliance with the Europoean GDPR (DSGVO) and that follow the Schrems I & II – decisicons (Safe Harbour/Privacy Shield). Per Default our writings are published in accordance with CC-BY-SA. Per default, we will not provide Microsoft Documents, but PDF, ODT and similar formats are available. If your compliance or setup requires different solutions, let us know – we will find a way.
Feilner IT is using Libre Office, Nextcloud, Linux Operating Systems and Desktops like KDE, LXDE, Gnome and similar Open Source Software. We love and use SUSE, Debian, Red Hat and Arch Linux systems.