How to write an excellent case study in five steps

According to Gartner and other major experts, case studies are the most efficient way of creating trust, sparking interest and collecting leads from your future customers. Thus we created short list of five questions that work as a framework for your case studies.

Take them, go to your customer and answer them together with them. Then the first step is done, the rest is writing skills.

As basic steps you should start with identifying your goal and a customer that suits that target. Make them the star, make having solved their problems the core of your text.

You’ll need a good headline, an introduction about their company. Then follows a description of the problem, what they tried and how you could solve it. The last paragraph shows the benefits that the customer has because of choosing your product. Provide measurable data if available, a photo and a quote from your customer – always remember: “They are the star of the case study, not your product!”.

At the end you should provide a strong call to action and your marketing’s boilerplate.

5 Questions (Template for a case study)

  1. Who is the customer? What Branch / Persona/ Vertical does it stand for? Celebrate him, make him/her the star of the story.
  2. Who is the audience? Who will read this text?
  3. What was the problem? What has already been done before to tackle the problem? Were there workarounds in place or competitors in the game?
    • How was the problem solved?
    • How did you / your product help?
    • How was the analysis done?
    • What was the main insight?
    • How did the strategy to solve it emerge? (if applicable) How did deployment take place?
  4. What is/was the result? Money? Efficiency? New Features? Compliance?
  5. Short recap, Strong call to action.