Here’s a list of our most interesting projects of 2020 – or click on the buttons for other years.

In 2020, Feilner IT was consulting GAF, “one of the leading companies in the geo-spatial service market.” . Tasks include designing process and information structures and developing enterprise-grade documentation concepts. GAF is a leader in satellite image processing and “a one-stop shop for geo-information”.

Markus Feilner was allowed to help wording a paper from Scientists for Future. The document (PDF, German) has been published here and it demands the installation of so-called representative climate citizens assemblies. It carries the title “Scientists for Future empfiehlt eine repräsentative Klima-Bürger:innenversammlung im Jahr 2021 (Version 1.0)”, version 1 was published on Dec. 11. 2020.

Feilner IT is proud to be a contributor in organizing Minidebconf Regensburg 2020, even if it didn’t happen in 2020 :-). Even though we’d been working on it since early last year, the event will have to be postponed to 2021. We will announce the exact dates soon. Feilner IT is happy to help and discuss, if you like that too, get engaged on #debconf-germany on IRC!

The German association of internet companies Eco has invited Markus Feilner to be a part of the jury for this year’s award. And Markus will do the laudatio for the winner in the realm of security. Join the cermony on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020 – it’s Eco’s 25th anniversary!

The German state of Baden-Württemberg, precisely its Department of the Interior is looking for Open Source people and companies to develop a CO2 compensation app. And they are doing it the right way, in a comprehensive and well-considerd tender. Feilner IT is proud to have helped a very tiny bit in the creation of the tender. (in German, November 2020)

For Heise iX 12/20 (German), Markus Feilner wrote the editorial (Von Dementis und Demenz) and two articles for the title track on digital sovereignty: “Jetzt oder nie” (Digitale Selbstbestimmung) and on GAIA-X (“Gaia Europeana“, German, November 2020)

For days after the election 2020, rural Nevada has been letting us wait for a few hundred votes. On Telepolis, a popular (German) blog, Markus Feilner explains what Hanlon’s razor is about and why it may or may not be applicable to the “Silver state” (German, November 2020).

“Open Culture meets VR” is a project and award of the MFG of Baden-Württemberg. Markus Feilner helped in the jury, with laudatio and keynote (German, November 2020)

Markus Feilner has contributed to a study published by OSB Alliance Verein für Digitale Souveränität on “Digital Sovereignty in public administrations” (German, Autumn 2020)

Feilner IT helped publish an analysis and market review of open-source alternatives to Atlassian’s Confluence Wiki-style software. In this article on author Martin Loschwitz compares Blue Spice, Xwiki and Twiki. (English, August 2020)

Feilner IT helped create a study for the city of Freiburg on options for migrating their groupware while keeping all other software solutions supported. (German, June 2020)

Markus Feilner was invited to speak at the University of Hof. On March 5, 2020, the IT Forum Hof celebrated 10 years of bringing together IT and industry, as “IT as business enabler”. And not only that, the institute of information systems also turned 10.