Carnegie Mellon Universität: Erfolgreich einen Hackathon organisieren.

Open-Source-Methoden kommen in der realen Wirtschaft an. Ein Team der University of Tartu (Estland) und der Carnegie Mellon University hat sich mal an eine wissenschaftliche Studie über Hackathons und wie man sie richtig organisiert gewagt:

(PDF) How to organize a hackathon – A planning kit


Hackathons and similar time-bounded events have become a global phenomenon. Their proliferation in various domains and their usefulness for a variety of goals has subsequently led to the emergence of different formats. While there are a multitude of guidelines available on how to prepare and run a hackathon, most of them focus on a particular format that was created for a specific purpose within a domain for a certain type of participants. This makes it difficult in particular for novice organizers to decide how to run an event that fits their needs. To address this gap we developed a planning kit that is organized around 12 key decision that organizers need to make when preparing and running a hackathon, and the tradeoffs that drive decision-making. The main planning kit is available online while this report is meant as a downloadable and citable resource.