#Lucaapp @honkhase – The Metathread for the Megathread

The speaker of the German Working Group for critical infrastructure, AG KRITIS, Manuel Atug aka @honkhase has collected deficiencies, failures, scandals and more of the Luca app for contact tracing. His thread has grown to 650 (May 2021) 700 800 900 1000 soon 1100 tweets by now (Last Update 2022-01-26), so it needs an index and a backup. We are working on that. Until then, here’s the service.

Blocked by Smudo? We can help

Update 01-02-2022: a special press service for all those that are blocked by Mr. Michael Bernd Schmidt, aka “Smudo” or @lesmoureal – a very talented German rapper that got (in)famous during the #lucaapp affair, also because he attacked female scientists verbally.

Thanks to the open APIs of Twitter and the great #opensource work of the nitter community, plus some RSS-Widget from WordPress, here are Smudo’s Tweets. Automatically updated, of course, and no trackers/cookies back to Twitter. Digitally sovereign, and yes, some free-of-charge advertisement for the publicly available, shared information from a person in the center of public interest. Send me your criticism, wishes and corrections. #blockedbyarapper

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The Metamegathreadthread – 1100 fails of #lucaapp and counting

Coming soon: archives…