Bringing Treuchtlingen into Akademy

KDE is probably the most innovative Linux desktop. The employees of the city of Treuchtlingen have been using KDE for more than 20 years (and so have we here at Feilner IT). This year, we had the great honor to help Treuchtlingen to give a BOF at KDE’s developer conference, KDE Akademy 2021. And that was a big success. Heinz-Markus Graesing, administrator in Treuchtlingen explained to an baffled audience what the 13.000-inhabitants city does with Linux and KDE and why, how and where they need help. Seems like a great start for community work. Because open source rocks.

Heinz-Markus Graesing was presenting his vision and his wishlist at KDE Akademy 2021

Labortablo is Esperanto an translates to “desktop”. It combines remote desktops, home office, tons of open source, specialized, mostly proprietary appliactions, with high usability and little administrative effort.